Presymtec Medical™ is the tradename of Predictive Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation leading the way in the research, development and marketing of new medical devices and services in the critically important emerging market for early-detection health monitoring.   Predictive Inc. has proprietary technology (Presymtec™) to detect infections in monitored individuals up to two days before symptoms such as a fever, permitting early, much less expensive medical intervention, reducing exposures that would otherwise infect broader populations.

Presymtec also offers the potential to drastically reduce medical costs, which is greatly desired by both private insurers and government health plans.   Concurrently, the monitored patients are spared the distress, imposition, and their share of the costs for emergency room visits or hospital stays.

The Need

United States health expenditures are projected to reach $3.1 trillion in 2012, having grown at an average annual rate of 7.3 percent during the forecast period 2002-2012.  Infectious disease is a major contributor to emergency room visits and hospitalization costs.   Healthcare costs attributed to infectious disease treatment have been increasing.   Individuals living in congested, high-population areas and those whose immune systems are compromised (patients living in nursing homes or COPD patients) are particularly susceptible.

The Solution

If one could detect the presence of an infection before it has overwhelmed an individual's immune system, the cost of treatment would be orders of magnitude lower and the threat of that person spreading the infection to other persons would be greatly reduced.   That can be achieved through early detection using Presymtec™ technology.


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